Wildheart is designed and independently owned by Mexican fashion designer Rebecca Garrido since 2014.

A native to the golden bay of Acapulco, Rebecca was born and raised within a small yet beautifully saturated ocean community known as the Pearl of the Pacific.

Needless to say, Rebecca developed a drive to stand out at a young age and her attraction for the ocean fed her need to explore.

Her dreams to seize borders beyond the warm waters she grew up in ignited a passion to create.


Born out of a lifelong love affair with the ocean, Wildheart was created and curated carefully by the hands of this wild heartedadventurer.

Fueled by a mindset of cherishing the little things in life and a soul craving spontaneity; Rebecca’s lifestyle is embodied in her designs and works.


The smell of freshly cut coconuts, the salty breeze kissing her skin and sand between her toes is personified in each piece, whether integrated in a print or manifested through a delicate detail added to her fabrics and cuts.


 Our headquarters currently reside in Monterrey, Mexico.

All Wildheart swimwear is authentically handmade with love by Mexican hands.

 We are obsessed with our Columbian spandex that offers mobility and comfort for the adventures you take your body to.

  As the creative force behind Wildheart, Rebecca believes in empowering women to feel comfortable in their own beautiful skin.


 We come open hearted from a place of fairness, quality and passion. 

One of a kind swimwear for the ocean lovers, daydreamers & wildhearted souls.